A Couple Sells 350 Counterfeit 100 € Bills At The Sun Casino

We do not fail to tell you from time to time unusual stories about the world of casinos. Today, we are focusing on a news item that has hit the headlines for a few days and affecting the world of casinos. Indeed, we have seen a duo of crooks selling no less than 350 counterfeit € 100 bills… at the tables of the Sun Casino in Monté-Carlo. A rather serious matter that we are now going to reveal to you.

A couple of thugs

We know that heavy prison sentences were called for and that an arrest warrant was issued against an Indian aristocrat and his young Russian assistant. These had already been rife in Austria and were therefore not their first misdeeds in the world of games in land-based casinos. That day, the duo had chosen their victim and therefore decided to play at the Sun Casino. Determined never to have to worry about possible loss of money with their scheme, they left confident and assured for games that can certainly be called a win-win for sure.

No need to rely on luck anymore

Indeed, turning to roulette, the couple no longer really needed, with their method, to always be dependent on the number designated by the spinning of the ball. There was in fact no longer really any commonality with chance since the Indian fifty-something, living in Dubai, and his 26-year-old Russian accomplice were simply betting on the Monegasque green carpets… with fake 100 euro banknotes !!! This is strangely reminiscent of a case that we related to you in mid-February last, implicating defendants incarcerated in the remand center since March 11, 2016 for a similar case of disposal of counterfeit € 500 bills in the Monte-Carlo casino. This time, it is June 2, 2016, and they then hand over 350 forged notes. Mixed with 156 authentic copies in order to avoid quick suspicion, these tickets were intended to be exchanged for tokens. Once the tokens have been acquired, the couple will then just have to bet a few deposits on red or black, just to look good, before returning to the cashier to exchange them this time for real greenbacks and before leaving.

A small merry-go-round very quickly identified

However, it will not take long for the casino to detect the scam of which it has been the victim. A commissioner from the SBM then lodged a complaint the next day, at the end of the accounts of the receipt of the day before, and the public security investigators then use all the video surveillance recordings. They will focus their attention in particular on a strange man and a woman with questionable behavior, both staying at the Fairmont Hotel.

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